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Top Questions

I purchased premium but my account isn't upgraded. What should I do?

A small percentage of inapp purchases in the various app stores fail to register with myHomework's servers.

If this happens to you, forward a copy of your receipt or a screenshot proving your purchase along with your myHomework email or username to and we will get the payment applied.

How can schools use myHomework?

Schools with any type of device policy can replace or supplement the paper student planner with myHomework.

Schools having success deploying myHomework for schools. More information is available at

Can parents monitor progress of their child?

A parent can monitor their child's self-reported progress if they have access to the account. This means they can either set the account up or ask their child for account access.

If the student is connected to a teacher's class via, then parents can quickly see everything their child needs to do for that course. The student cannot delete any of the class's assignments, lessons, or tests; he/she can only mark items as completed.

More information is available at

My child's school is using your hall passes. Where can I learn more?

Our hall pass system has been built over the last decade with feedback from our existing clients to both respect the privacy of students while giving the school many valuable options to help control their hallways.

For students using the hallways responsibly, the hall pass system will have very little impact on their school day. Parents are able to see the history of hall usage for their child.

For more details about the student and parent hall pass experience, visit hall pass help.

For more about our hall pass system, visit

Can students under 13 use myHomework?

Yes, with a parent or guardian's help and approval.

An email address is required to create an account in order to support password recovery.

More information is available in the terms of use.

Do you have a letter to help explain myHomework to parents?

Here are a couple of sample letters:

Can the ads be removed?

Yes! Ads allow students to use the apps and sync with for free.

For $4.99 US, any account can have the advertising removed for one year. Payment can be made as an in-app purchase from the iPhone, iPod, iPad or any Google Play device. Other device types or website users should visit

We also have options to help schools or districts take ther organizational support to the next level. Visit the Schools Page for more information.

What are the benefits of an account?

The myHomework apps allow students to get started without signing up for an account.

However, we recommend active users get an account for:

What should I do if a teacher or school isn't listed?

myHomework is first and foremost a student planner. Any student can enter their classes and homework themselves to help stay organized.

The ability to automatically receive due dates, files and announcements a teacher shares is one of the many additional benefits myHomework offers over paper planners and other planner apps. If you would like your teacher or school to get involved, speak to them about it. You can also invite your teachers to use when adding a class from the myHomework app.

My device is having problems syncing. What should I do?

If you log into, that is all of the data that has synced for your account. Visit Recent Syncs in your settings to see if any apps have been syncing to your account.

For most device related sync problems, the easiest thing to do is to logout and log back in. This will reset the device to the same data as what's shown on

If that does not work, uninstall the app, download the app again and try logging in.

If the problems continue, contact us from within the app.

How can I delete my account?

To delete an account, visit

Can I sync myHomework to a different calendar?

Yes. Premium accounts can visit their Calendar Settings, enable external calendar access and then follow the directions to subscribe. Any calendar that can subscribe to an .ics url should be able to sync information from myHomework.

How to fix a broken app on my macbook?

Some OS X upgrades have been know to corrupt the storage of the app. Go to How to fix a broken myHomework mac app for detailed information on how to fix the issue.

How can I share the homework I added with a classmate?

Premium users can send a link to a classmate so they don't have to copy all the homework. Vist Share your Homework with a Classmate for more information.

How can I share my planner with a counselor, teacher, tutor or similar?

Premium users can invite a coach to view their planner from their settings. Visit the Coaching link in the settings to learn more.

Do you have advice for how to use myHomework effectively?

Yes, see Effective Use and if you're trying to get back into the habit of using myHomework again, try Get a Fresh Start.

Do you have an api?

There is an api available which is designed to bring homework from other systems into a myHomework account.

If you are interested in using the api, sign up for a myHomework account, then Contact us including a detailed description of how you would like to use the api.

Can homework be imported from other systems?

Yes, at, there is the option to import from various systems. Students using Canvas, D2L, Google Classroom, Blackboard,Schoology and more are all using the import.

With a premium account, we will automatically update the planner with new assignments as well.

Do you have recommendations for how this works with virtual or homeschoolers?

Yes, we have a dedicated page just for advice for how to use in a homeschool setting. Visit for more information.

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