myHomework Student Planner and Digital Hall Pass system

Starting Fresh

Building up good organization and planning habits is hard work. That's why so many people struggle with planning ahead.

Don't get discouraged! It can take awhile to find out the right way to use myHomework that fits your world.

If you're struggling with your use of myHomework, here is our advice on how to get a fresh start and try to turn things around.

Get a fresh start with the app

Starting fresh with the app in appearance and a clean slate on what to do is a great first step in recommitting yourself to being organized.

The steps below are how we recommend going about getting a fresh start with the app.

We recommend using one of the website, chrome, windows, mac or iPad apps which all have the options pictured below available.

  1. Use the option to "Mark All Late Complete"

    Image of Option to Mark All Late Complete button
  2. Change your picture.

    Use something different. Consider using something fun, funny or weird to mix things up.

    • Tap on the current picture in the left hand navigation.
    • Tap on the picture again on the screen that pops up.
    • Use the option to upload a new picture.
    Image of Select Profile image area Image of Select Profile pic area Image of upload new photo
  3. Change the theme

    Image of themes area
  4. Switch the "Open to Calendar" option so the app launches to a different screen.

    This option is found in the Calendar Settings area of the apps.

    Image of themes area
  5. Explore the additional options available for your device(s) at /apps.

    The myHomework widgets or external calendar options are helpful to many.

Implement a new strategy

In addition to getting a fresh start with how the app looks, it's important to think about why the way you were using it in the past wasn't helping you succeed.

Why did you stop using myHomework? What problems are you having with getting things done or in getting good grades that you would like to correct?

Below are a couple examples of new strategies for problems encountered:

Every situation is unique. Take a minute to think about a new strategy that could help you do even better in school and how your planner can help you stay on track.

Don't give up! Once a person finds a process that works for them, it's a great feeling to see how productive they can be.

Starting a New School year

There are options in settings for removing the existing data.

If you're moving to a new school, it may be easier to delete your existing account and sign up for a new account.

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