myHomework Student Planner and Digital Hall Pass system

Parents of a Student Using myHomework

The myHomework app can help students of all grade levels but especially those whose organization and self-discipline skills are necessary to academic success.

If you're a parent of a student, whether the student is in grade school, high school or college, the myHomework app may be a good way for you to keep up with what your student is working on and whether or not they are keeping up.

If your school has a premium package, explains the preferred access option.

Following a Student

If you are the parent of one student using myHomework, the best options for you are:

Following Multiple Students at Once

If you are the parent of more than one student using myHomework, the best options for you are:

  • Use one of the desktop apps for Windows, Mac, or Chromebook to login to multiple accounts at once. To add additional accounts, go to Settings->Accounts and Add Another Account. At this point, your student will need to sign in and from then on you will have access.
  • Subscribe to the calendar url's available for each student if the student has a premium account. Each student's information is available for common calendars like iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar to subscribe to when they log in and visit
  • It is also okay to just login and logout of each student's account on any app. This can work really well if the student signs in with Facebook or Google and the parent uses the password. Visit to add a password or change the connection of an account with a Google or Facebook account.

What About Students Under 13?

For students under the age of 13, their parent/guardian is responsible for accepting the terms of use.

The parent should know the password and ensure the service is being used appropriately.

Learn more at Terms for Young Users.

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